Graffiti Food & Wine Bar

Located in the heart of the East Village in NYC, Graffiti Food & Wine Bar offers a vibrant downtown vibe with the casual elegance of upscale dining. The Next iron Chef 2010 Runner-up Chef/Owner Jehangir Mehta has pushed palates - with this sweet & savory shoeboxed size restaurant which he designed himself. Serving up eclectic international small plates that feature his trademark affinity for bold flavors and spices, Chef Mehta uses the harmony of Asian ingredients with French/American cuisine to make Graffiti a truly unique dining paradise.


Uber chic and warm, Mehtaphor situated  in Duane Street Hotel, poised to stand its own ground amidst the Manhattan skyline,  for its eclectic cuisine and charming dining experience. With several intimate dining areas, including a dessert-cocktail bar, a true cocktail bar, a time-worn wooden communal table fully wired for laptops and internet access, and a delightful dining room.  The entire restaurant is awash in glass frontage. The clean, contemporary shell is accented by warm golden-print fabric on banquettes (with little cubbyholes for purses, bags, briefcases and other accessories) while intricate wooden shutters run half way up the expansive windows. 

If Graffiti is known for its diversity through a menu enriched with a whiff of Asian flavors, Mehtaphor sets out to redefine global cuisine. Bold ingredients, an unusual combination of spices and herbs inspired by Ayurvedic principles, served up in French style, all resulting in a burst of warm flavors that play mellifluously on the tongue: flavor after flavor, distinct, yet in unison.

130 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013

  Mehtaphor Restaurant

Mehtaphor Restaurant


Me & You is Chef Mehta's dream of giving his guests a private, personal and intimate dining experience custom tailored to individual tastes. Chef Mehta will present each course personally, telling stories about the ingredients, memories and its history. He is passionate about the intersection of art and dining and will host collaboration dinners every month featuring other chefs, artists, writers, designers, the like. offering a private forum for diners to get to get to know them.  Available for private events and intimate dining experiences.

220 E 10th Street
New York, NY 10001

 Me & You Dining Room

Graffiti Food & Wine Bar, 224 East 10th Street, NYC 10003.   Reservations :  212.677.0695.   Email